Automobiles and Motorcycles

Wire Harness and Wire Harness Testers in automobile and motorcycle industry.

What is required in automobile and motorcycle industry for testing Wire Harness??

Wire Harnesses for automobile falls into two categories,Main harness and Sub harness. Recently those get complicated because of adaption for sensors. Main harnesses have more than 2000 points. Surprisingly there are big harnesses having more than 3000 points. Usually, Sub harnesses have less than 200 points. Harnesses for motorcycle have about 500 points. Mainly the testing requires Wiring test for checking open, short, miss-wiring. Some have the diodes and resistors in the circuits.

Solution Service

Nac corporation has over 20 years of history to provide good testers to the customers in automobile and motorcycle industry. We can customize the models and the application for your request. Also, we can help to create testing data by providing conversion tools for different types of data. You can replace testers smoothly. And we suggest yo create testing data from CAD. In this way you can save your time and there is no doubt about the accuracy of the work.

nacman Features

Specialists in this industry can suggest the best way for you. Recently many customers request to do all testing(Wiring, Conduction Resistance, Dielectric Withstand, Insulation Resistance, Moment Disconnection). You can find the best testers from our various testers. We can customize the models because of all processes from planning to sales by ourselves.

Examples of Use
  • Wire harnesses for the main of Automobile
  • Wire harnesses for the sub of Automobile
  • Wire harnesses for the sensor of Automobile
  • Wire harnesses for motorcycle
  • Wire harnesses for F1/motorcycle for racing machine
  • And any other automobile and motorcycle related industry.