1985 Dec.

Established NAC Corporation in a home garage in Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture
The development of software and hardware for industrial equipment is outsourced

1987 Feb.

Performs contract development of software and hardware for arcade games by game makers

1988 Jun.

Development Center opened in Ebina, Kanagawa

1990 Jun.

Started development of original product "NACMAN"

1992 Apr.

Started sales of original product multi-cable harness inspection system "NACMAN NM30X”

1993 Jan.

Exhibited NACMAN at Makuhari Messe "Internepcon JAPAN"

1994 Jun.

Established a manufacturing plant jointly with Protec System Co., Ltd. in an industrial park in Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Manufacture of NACMAN and manufacture of contract products

1994 Jun.

Launch of new product "NACMAN EC64"

1995 Sep.

Launch of new product "NACMAN EC64"

1996 Jan.

Launch of new product "NACMAN EC128"

1996 Oct.

Development of multi-point testers for production equipment

1997 Apr.

Established "Japan Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office" in Shanghai, China and started entering the Chinese market

1997 Nov.

Exhibited China's first NACMAN at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center

1998 Jul.

Launch of NMEE30 (Ultra-low-priced high-performance Wiring device), a model exclusively for China

1999 Jul.

The Shanghai Representative Office of Japan Co., Ltd. closed after completing its purpose and launched a new company(local subsidiary) as the sole agent of China

1999 Aug.

Established development team for moment disconnection tester

2001 Oct.

New product NM11A (moment disconnection testers ) sales started

2002 Oct.

New product NMDX series (multifunctional Wiring tester) sales start

2004 Nov

New product NMC series (high-speed, low-cost Wiring device) launched

2007 Dec.

Launched development team for high-speed multi-point Wiring tester

2009 Apr.

Launched a smart pen marker (marking machine) development team

2009 Oct.

Shanghai NAC Trading Co., Ltd. established as China's sole agent

2009 Aug.

Started sales of smart pen marker (marking machine) NMPEN04

2009 Dec.

Started development of customizable high-voltage tester

2010 Oct.

Shanghai NAC Trading Co., Ltd. acquired ISO14001 ・ 9001

2011 Nov

New product NMA series (high-performance Wiring tester replacing NMDX) launched

2011 Dec.

Started development of next-generation multi-inspection machine

2014 Feb.

New product NMY series (additional type, super multi-point high-voltage inspection equipment) launched

2014 Apr.

Started development of multi-point inspection equipment for the automotive industry

2014 Aug.

New product NMS10 (monitoring moment disconnection tester) sales commenced

2015 Aug.

New product NMK series (high-voltage 1000V multi-inspection equipment) sales commenced

2015 Nov.

New product NMG + series (high-voltage 600V multi-inspection equipment) sales commenced

2016 Jul.

New office at Ebina Prime Tower established.

2017 Apr.

New product NMC + series (high-speed, low-cost inspection equipment replacing the NMC series) launched

2017 Jul.

Started sales in ASEAN region

2017 Apr.

New product NMC + series (high-speed, low-cost inspection equipment replacing the NMC series) launched

2019 Apr.

Ebina Office expanded

2019 Jun.

Group company-Shanghai NAC Trading Co., Ltd. relocated

2019 Oct.

New product NMM01A (momentary disconnection tester / analyzer) launched