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You can watch the concept videos of our harness testers and auto marking system.

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  • [Exhibition] Testing Multipoint / EV Automotive Harnesses by nac corporation testers at Automotive World in 2021

    We exhibited our products at the 4th Automotive World - Automotive Electronics Technology Expo held at Port Messe Nagoya from October 27th to 29th, 2021. Harness, cable, connector, and FPC inspections are becoming more and more important as automobiles evolve, such as electric vehicles and automated driving.
    Please take advantage of NAC Corporation's unique inspection solutions.

  • Wire Harness & Connector Testing Solutions for Next Generation Automobiles ~2021 Nagoya Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

    [World-class electrical harness testing solution]
    NAC CORPORATION for harness testers, offers 9 wire harness and connector testing solutions for the next generation of automobiles.
    (1. Operation / 2. CAD / 3. Multi-point / 4. High-speed testing / 5. Low resistance (resistance measurement) / 6. High voltage for EV / 7. Parts testing / 8. Auto marking / 9. Momentary disconnection testing

  • NMG+ series | Hi-Pot Cable Harness Tester

    NMG+ is a standard multi-tester that can perform all five tests: wiring, resistance, withstand voltage, insulation, and momentary disconnection.
    High-voltage testing adapters and customized jigs are available for safe testing.
    The video shows a tester with 256 points, but we can accommodate up to 1024 points as standard.

  • NMF series|Cable Harness Tester

    NMF is a tester that achieves multi-point continuity testing at ultra-high speed.
    By adding subunits, test points can range from 256~8192 points.
    It contributes to both testing speed and quality in various industries such as automotive, railroad, and construction machinery.
    Using jigs from the automotive industry, you can check the connection of the test target, the completion of the testing, and the marking of the product.

  • NMC128+|Cable Harness Checker

    NMC128+ is a standard model for small-point harness testing.
    Simple operation allows quick and easy completion of continuity testing.

    The OK wait function start a test automatically at the same time as the test target is connected.
    NMC128+ can also perform momentary wire disconnection testing.
    It is important to check continuity when twisting or pulling is applied.

  • NMPEN05|Smart Marking (Auto Marking Machine)

    NMPEN05 is used in a variety of industries for easy and damage-free pen marking.
    Marks can be left at the intended location and timing with simple installation.
    A size adjuster allows the use of thin stamps, etc.

    Visualize all kinds of invisible testing to prevent accidental mix-ups.

  • Wagon-Jig for multi-point harness testing NM-WGN

    Ease of operation is essential for heavy and huge multi-point harness testing.
    NM-WGN accommodates harness testers and can be moved around.
    Efficient multi-point harness cable testing.Customization is available by request.

  • NMA series|Cable Harness Tester

    It has shown excellent performance in resistance value testing that cannot be supported with an open/short circuit tester. This is a high-speed continuity resistance tester that covers the requirements for higher-level continuity testing.
    This video shows a realistic testing environment in the automotive industry, including a harness with switches.

  • NMK series | Hi-Pot Cable Harness Tester

    NMK is a higher-end model of NMG+ and is capable of withstand voltage and insulation testing at 1000V.
    32-pin connectors are mounted to handle high voltages. Cable testing in the aerospace field is reproduced in this video.

  • NM1500P/K series|Hi-Pot Cable Harness Tester

    High quality testing can be performed with low resistance testing, AC/DC withstand voltage testing, and insulation resistance testing.
    You can check our testing for the aerospace industry with 4-wire Kelvin connection.

  • NMC60+|Cable Harness Checker

    NMC60+ is Harness checker can do two electric testing (Wiring,Moment Disconnection) for Wire Harnesses.
    This is the top continuity checker in Japan and overseas, and is truly representative of Nac Corporation.

  • NMS10|Moment Disconnection Analyzer/Tester

    Performs real-time and long-time monitoring on momentary disconnection, and logs the event. It also supports mass production lines for Pass/Fail evaluation purposes.
    Capable of detecting momentary disconnections of 0.1 μsec or longer and analyzing the mating force of connectors exposed to vibration and shock.
    The video reproduces the momentary disconnection detection of a connector installed on a large vibrating machine.

  • NM11B|Moment Disconnection Analyzer/Tester

    Momentary disconnection tester that supports completely Pass/Fail evaluations. It detects momentary disconnection of 0.1 μs.
    The video reproduces the momentary disconnection detection of a connector installed on a large vibrating machine.

  • NMM01A|Moment Disconnection Analyzer/Tester

    The NMM01A one-channel momentary disconnection tester can be used for testing connectors under design. The volume can be adjusted and the tester is easy to use on a desk.

  • Finger touch sensor nacman NMT64B

    This is a new type of continuity testing that can be performed with the touch by a finger.It improves the quality of tasks that were difficult to check electrically, such as checking the continuity of raw cables, navigation when installing housings and marking tubes, and wiring work to distribution boards.