Wire Harness and Wire Harness Testers in aerospace industry

What is required in aerospace industry for testing Wire Harness??

It is not easy to judge as one group,Wire harness in aerospace industry needs high quality in the parts,the process and the testing. Wire Harnesses in the aerospace industry are complicated because of having many points and wires. The testing means not only judging OK or NG but also measuring of the test target. Surely the test results are recorded and managed after products shipments The testers are required long-life and easy to maintain. And data editing and managing test results are necessary for the application.

Solution Service

Nac corporation has over 20 years of history to provide such high quality testers to the customers as special orders in aerospace industry. We can suggest best testers from the views of Specs, Cost, Delivery terms by our knowledge and experience. Please check standard models such as NMG+, NMK, NM1500K, NM1500P. We can customize the models and the application for your request.

NAC Features
  • Engineer having a great deal of experience and unique ideas can suggest the best way for you.
  • High-speed and high-accuracy testing by Cutting edge technology and devices.
  • All processes(planning,design,manufucturing,sales,support) by ourself.

Examples of Use
  • Wire harnesses for Artificial satellites
  • Wire harnesses for Space rockets
  • Wire harnesses for Aircraft engines
  • Wire harnesses for Aircraft fuselage
  • Wire harnesses for Helicopters
  • any other aerospace