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Please select the product you are considering purchasing on the quote form and submit it.


Please rewrite the order form in your company's form or the part of the quotation that says "quotation" with "order form" and send it by e-mail.

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Sales style

Direct sales

  • All our products have been sold directly since our establishment until today.
  • Any customer can purchase directly from us.
  • Of course, you can also purchase via your trading company.
  • Our direct sales are the best price.

Same product one price

  • Our products are, in principle, the same products at the same price.
  • In order to avoid negotiations, we have provided a selling price from the beginning
  • All our products are price indicated.
  • Regardless of the business type or company size, any customer can purchase at the listed price.
  • This principle is disadvantageous for trading companies intended for resale, but please understand and cooperate with our sales policy.