Maintenance service

Maintenance service

Reliable manufacturer repair support

We repair harness testers that we manufacture and sell. Experienced technicians of harness tester manufacturers will promptly provide high-quality repair services.

Quick response with high technology

Harness testers are widely used in harness, connector, and touch panel shipping tests, harness acceptance tests, maintenance and inspections, and repairs are very important to users. Our goal is to provide repair services that satisfy our customers with our advanced technology.

Repair support models

Please refer to the "Repair and Maintenance Service End Model List" for models that support repair.
The models listed are no longer supported for repair, so we recommend the replacement model.
For special testers and customized products, models that have passed 10 years since the last production (including initial production) (no repeat production for 10 years) will be discontinued.
Please contact us for more information.

Maintenance Status List Maintenance Period

Warranty after repair

The warranty period for repaired products is 3 months after delivery. Repairs will be made free of charge only if a failure occurs in the same place as the last repair during this period.

Repair request flow

If you suspect a failure, try "self-diagnosis" according to the tester's instruction manual.When performing a self-diagnosis, disconnect the test target and jig cable, and do not connect anything to the inspection connector of the tester.
02Repair support
Before sending the product, check the repair support model list to make sure that the product you are using is supported.
03Fill out form
Click "To the repair consultation form" and fill in the necessary information.
04Product shipping
Please send the product to NACMAN support center by advance payment.
05Visual check of appearance
Check for damage in transit. Record the details so that the shipment can be returned.
06Check and record settings
we return the product to the same condition as before the trouble.In case of emergency, we will back up the memory and settings at the time of custody.
07Diagnosis of trouble
Diagnose problems based on the contents entered in the "Repair Consultation Form" and identify the cause.
We will issue a quote.
Please send us your order form.
Repair will start.
11Check of main functions
Perform a function test at the time of shipment to check for other failures.
Clean the appearance of the harness tester.
13Visual check
Check for abnormalities in appearance.
14Repair report
We will issue a repair report that lists the cause of the trouble and the location of the repair.
The repaired harness tester will be packed and returned by prepayment.