To be a company needed by society

For more than 30 years, we have been a manufacturer of cable and harness testers indispensable for product safety in the electric world.
In the meantime, the market has spread not only to Japan but also to China and other Asian countries, and has been conducting planning, development, manufacturing, and sales based on new ideas corresponding to the times. From now on, we will enter a new era where great evolution will occur, such as next-generation aircraft, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars. The safety of cable harnesses as a blood vessel for electrical products is becoming increasingly important and is the lifeblood of the product. Our mission is to constantly ask how important items such as cable harnesses can contribute to the safety of society and to support each industry.

What is the ideal company??

I have changed jobs in electronic companies several times, and have been pursuing the ideal company each time.
However, there was no company I really wanted.
I thought that if I started my own company, I would create an ideal company, but I found that the ideal and reality were far apart.
The days of reconsidering what the ideal was for me continued. And I came to realize that it is best to be able to work hard and enjoy every day.No matter how hard or difficult a job is, there is a person who is responsible for the task, trusted and needed. That was my greatest pleasure.
And we believe that this will be the whole picture of the company and that our products will be needed by society and will continue to be loved by our customers.

Finally, in the niche industry of cable and harness testers, we aim to be No.1 in Asia and the world's No.1.

Chief Executive Officer Koji Nakagawa