Consumer Products

Wire Harness and Wire Harness Testers in Consumer products industry.

What is required in Consumer products industry for testing Wire Harness??

  • Wire harnesses for consumer products such as PC ,have small number of points.
  • The customors need to complete testing in a short time for judging OK or NG once.
  • Usually those require only wiring testing but the products for PC need high-voltage testing and moment discconection testing.
  • There are many varieties of products. Easy to manage test data is important.
  • The data can be shared easily for producing same items in overseas plural factories.
  • Also the function to create test data from the good product calls "sampling" is necessary.
  • As the standards, JIS and IEC are adapted.

Solution Service
  • Nac corporation has over 30 years of history and we have the confidence in this field.
  • We provide many models and jigu adoptors, you can find the best testers for your situation.
  • You can use the tool to convert testing data for easy sharing.

nacman Features
  • Specialists in this industry can suggest the best way for you.
  • You can find best testers from our various testers.
  • We can customize the models because of all processes from planning to sales by ourselves.

Examples of Use
  • Wire harnesses for PC
  • Wire harnesses for PC items
  • Wire harnesses for Home appliances
  • Wire harnesses for Game machines
  • And any other Consumer products industry