Privacy Policy

Nac Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes that personal information is important information for customers to protect their privacy, and establishes the following basic policy on the handling of personal information.

  • Personal information is information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, company you work for, your department, etc., which can identify and identify you personally.
  • Personal information will be used for legitimate purposes such as the delivery of information on new products, guidance on events such as calibration services, exhibitions and seminars, and questionnaire surveys for product planning, development and sales. (purpose of use)  
  • We collect personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law by lawful and fair means.
  • Use of personal information will be performed within the scope of the purpose of use, unless otherwise required by law.
  • Personal information will not be provided to third parties except as stipulated by law and with the consent of the customer.
  • As for security management measures for personal information, we will take all possible security measures from the technical aspects of information management and organizational management.
  • Regarding the disclosure of personal information, etc., we will disclose the personal information held by the Company at the request of the customer, take corrective measures as necessary, and notify the person of the result.

In addition, in order to prevent leakage of personal information to third parties or falsification of information, we will only limit the case when we can confirm that you are the person you are.


Regarding requests for disclosure, correction, erasure, etc. regarding personal information, and any questions, please contact below.

NAC CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Ebina Office

Ebina Prime Tower 22F, 2-9-50 Chuoh, Ebina-City, Kanagawa 243-0432, Japan