Calibration Service

Calibration Service

We recommend the customers the calibration of your testers for high-quality testing.
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Benefits of calibration services

As a manufacturer,NAC Corporation carries out calibration that can be used in the optimum condition at any time, following the performance at the time of shipment as much as possible.

The calibration includes all of the following eight items.

Measuring calibration values
Adjusting calibration values to be as close to the median of the standard value as possible
Cleaning the inside of devices
Replacing worn-out interior devices free of charge
Repairing minor damage free of charge
Providing a calibration certificate, inspection report, and traceability system diagram
Storage of calibration data for 10 years
Firmware update

Most of private and public external calibration laboratories are only 1 and 6 above.
NAC Corporation's manufacturer calibration provides as much service as possible so that customers can use the tester longer and more comfortably.