MIL64pins cable with both terminal connectors[Cable for hipot cable harness testing]

This cable is included with NMG+/NM1500P. This is a cable with a MIL 64pins socket connector (C-83503 compliant) for both terminals. It can be used for maintenance, making relay cables and jig cables.
We also accept changes in length and connectors (sockets/headers) for a fee, so please feel free to contact us.

JPY 15,000
Shipping: 2weeks After Order  
*Not Including Transportation Cost and Fee



Terminal processing Crimping connectors
Length 1000mm
Cable AWG24(UL758,CSA C22.2 No.127)
・Compliant product of Hitachi Metals, 1007 TR-64 LF
Connectors MIL64-pin socket connector(C-83503 standard)
・Compliant product of HIROSE HIF3BB-64D-2.54C
Mating connector [Header(Four walls wrapping type)]・HIROSE HIF3BB-64P-2.54W
[Header(Four walls straight dip)]・HIROSE HIF3CB-64PA-2.54DSA(71)