Our technologies and know-how
change the method of harness/cable inspections.

High reliability and experience with unique advanced technology
provides quick and accurate testing with advanced functions.

[Video Manual]
How to Operate Software "WireExpress Hi-Pot" for Cable and Harness Testing

WireExpress Hi-Pot is the PC software to operate the harness multi tester "nacman".
This video will show you how to operate the software.
High voltage testing and 4-wire low resistance testing are available depending on the tester.
"nacman" is loved by a wide variety of industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, Railway vehicle, Medical, and Connectors because of the easy operation, and the high-level testing.

[ Visualize your electrical inspection ]
Further quality improvement with the advanced automatic marking machine NMPEN series!!

NMPEN04, which has been very popular, has been renewed.
In the new series NMPEN05, the soft marking realized by the original mechanism.
It became compact ( about 1 / 2 size ) .
Please check this new product on the products page.


[ Challenge for the shortest inspection time ]
Multi-point harness tester nacman NMF inspection time measurement video

Surprising inspection speed. We measured the inspection time measurement of nacman NMF, a multi-point harness tester, one of the representative testers of nac Corporation. NMF is easy to install because it can be expanded from 256 points to 8192 points as well as the inspection speed, and it is used in various industries such as automobiles and railways.

ハーネスマルチテスター(ハーネスチェッカー)nacman NMG256+

Machine for all kinds of wire and harness inspection.

A harness multi-tester ( high-voltage harness checker ) that covers one of the five major tests required for electrical performance of harnesses, cables, and connectors.
By all means, please feel the impact price, outstanding performance, stable operation.