Wiring Testing

Wiring testing is to inspect that the wiring is connected correctly.Generally, it is called Wiring or testing for opens shorts and miswiring.
“JIS C 3005 4.5 continuity” is one of the standards for it in Japan.

Conduction Resistance Testing

Measures / determines the conductor resistance between the terminals of the test target.
This is different from the test of “JIS C-3005 4.4 conductor resistance”.There are two types of resistance test, 2-wire and 4-wire.
With 2-wire, the test includes not only the test target but also the jig resistance.
With 4-wire, you can accurately measure only the resistance of the test target.

Dielectric Withstand Testing

Dielectric Withstand Testing is a test of the dielectric strength between different conductors of the test target.
“JIS C 3005 4.6 Withstand voltage” is one of the standards for it in Japan.Depending on the tester, it can be performed with DC withstand voltage.

Insulation Resistance Testing

Insulation Resistance Testing tests insulation resistance between different conductors of wire harness.
“JIS C 3005 4.7 Insulation resistance” is one of the standards for it in Japan

Moment Disconnection Testing

Moment Disconnection Testing is a test for detecting momentary disconnection caused by vibration or impact between terminals of the wire harness.
Momentary disconnection disappears without vibration or impact.
As electrical standards, there are chapters called contact disturbance in “JIS C 5402-2-5” and “IEC 66512-2-5”.We provide testers that detect momentary disconnection, but the method of applying vibration must be provided by the customer.

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